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MIRACLE SQUALENE-G Capsule the best of health food supplements (Refined shark's liver oil from the deep sea for healthy life)

Special shark's liver oil contains the highly unsaturated hydrocarbons and was discovered by Dr. M. Tsujimoto in 1906

This shark's liver oil is most highly held by a particular group of deep sea shark's liver and has been named ‘Squalene’.

Squalene is present only in the liver oil of the family of deep sea sharks 'Squalene', specially from the liver oil of the group of sharks called ‘Dogfish shark’ has the highest content of squalene. Dogfish sharks normally live in the deep sea at the depth of 500 to1,000 meters. This may be the reason why the dogfish sharks have so much squalene in their liver in order to survive the cruel environment of the deep sea where sun light hardly reaches, oxygen is scarce, the water pressure is high (1 atmospheric pressure per 10mdepth). Thus squalene supplies much volume needed oxygen in their bodies

Each ‘SQUALENE-G’ dosage comes in the form of a capsule, a gelatinous container filled with over 99% purified squalene from the liver oil of Dogfish sharks. MIRACLE SQUALENE-G a gait from the deep sea will highly contribute in keeping and improving) your health.

We strongly recommend to you and your family to take MIRACLE SQUALENE-G every day for a pleasant and healthy life.

DIRECTIONS: SQUALENE-G has no dosage limitations because it is 100% natural and safe, but we recommend normal consumption of one box within one to two months.

STORAGE: Avoid heat and sunlight, and keep in dark cool place because it does not contain any preservative or anti-oxidant.

PACKING: 200 Capsules per bottle

100 Capsules per bottle

NOTE: SQUALENE-G is produced from the purified liver oil of Dogfish Shark, and should not be confused with other shark liver oil. 

Made in Japan

神奇【魚鯊烯】膠囊 (日本製造)

Miracle Squalene-G  (Made in Japan)


服法與服量 : 每天空肚吞服達9粒量,可分數次及大量飲水。至於癌症患者用量,不少於18粒,一般正常人2-3粒早晚服。


Alpha Health MFG Limited (Japan)

神奇【鱼鲨烯】胶囊 (日本制造) 

Miracle Squalene-G  (Made in Japan)


 服法与服量: 每天空肚吞服达9粒量,可分数次及大量饮水。至于癌症患者用量,不少于18粒,一般正常人2-3粒早晚服。]


Alpha Health MFG Limited (Japan)


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